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Benefits of BTE Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aid

When you have been told that you are experiencing hearing loss, your next thought will be to look for a hearing aid. If you have never chosen a hearing aid before, you’ll likely find this process rather confusing— after all, you’re being asked to select from a range of options you don’t have any specific experience of.

In an effort to help bring some clarity to the situation, let’s look at the benefits of one of the most popular forms of hearing aids: BTE hearing aids. BTE stands for “behind the ear”, and these hearing aids are arguably the most popular kind on the market. Here’s an overview of why users love them so much…

Great battery lasting power

BTE hearing aids are slightly larger than the alternative options, which tend to need to be smaller so as to fit inside the ear canal itself. As BTE hearing aids only sit behind the ear, their enhanced size is of a huge benefit in terms of battery power. If you’re concerned about battery durability of your chosen hearing aid, then BTE hearing aids are almost certainly going to be the best choice for you.

Fewer repairs

BTE hearing aids have a well-earned reputation for being both easier to maintain and requiring fewer repairs. They are more robust than their counterparts, and they are also less likely to come into contact with moisture or ear wax. As a result, repairs are few and far between, so you can enjoy your use of your hearing aids without having to continually take trips back to your hearing health professional for further work to keep the device in the best condition.

Minimal feedback

Feedback is a real problem with hearing aids and can impact the user experience. As a general rule, you can expect far fewer issues with feedback with BTE hearing aids. The reason for this is in the design of BTE hearing aids; the internal components are further apart in the design, due to the larger size, thus feedback is less likely to occur.

Suitable for a wide range of users

Your hearing care provider will have informed you of the reason for your hearing loss, but it’s good to know that BTE hearing aids are suitable for most types of hearing loss. They can also be modified to account for the level of hearing loss you are experienced. For mild hearing loss, BTE hearing aids can be an “open fit” style. For more severe hearing loss, they can be fitted with a hook and an air mould. Either way, you can be confident when buying BTE hearing aids that they are suitable for your exact circumstances.

As your hearing specialist will no doubt tell you, there’s simply no “one type fits all” form of hearing aid. Everyone is different, and you will likely need to experiment with the different types to see which works for you. However, as the above facts show, BTE hearing aids are definitely an option that you’re going to want to consider.