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Do You Need a Hearing Aid?

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Many people don’t realize that they might have hearing loss because it often occurs gradually. If you aren’t familiar with the common signs and symptoms of hearing loss, you may not be able to recognize when you are experiencing it. Untreated hearing loss can impact your relationships, career and quality of life.

If you are asking yourself whether or not you need a hearing aid, chances are you may benefit from one of these devices. Consider booking an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist if you notice yourself experiencing any of the following scenarios.

Asking people to repeat themselves

One of the biggest telltale signs of hearing loss is constantly asking other people to repeat themselves. Of course, if you’re in a loud environment or the other person is speaking quietly, then it could just be other factors that are nothing to do with your level of hearing. However, if you’re in a relatively quiet room and need to constantly ask people to repeat themselves, then you might actually have some minor hearing loss.

If you find it difficult to follow a conversation, then there’s a good chance that you could be suffering from some level of hearing loss. You may need to use hearing aids in order to be able to clearly follow conversations again. If you leave this problem for too long then you might find yourself alienating yourself from conversations and social outings because you’re constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves, so it’s best to book an appointment with us at Armand’s Hearing Center so that you can test if your hearing is degrading or not.

Missing phone calls and important alarms

Do you ever find yourself missing alarms and phone calls throughout the day? People will occasionally miss important alerts, but if it happens on a regular basis and the volume on those devices are already maxed, then there’s a chance that you could be suffering from some level of hearing loss. Some people might blame their phones for being too quiet or surrounding noises for being too loud, thus leading you to be unable to hear those important alerts.

If you don’t attempt to solve this problem as quickly as possible, you’re going to find yourself missing a lot of important calls, meetings and other time-sensitive events. It’s also incredibly dangerous if you miss things like fire alarms and public announcement alerts in public, so make sure you book yourself in for an appointment with us so you can test your hearing.

Raising the volume too much

Most people don’t realize when they’re raising the volume too much on their devices. This could include computer speakers, the television or event music that they hear through their headphones. If people ever comment about your volume being too high, then you may want to book an appointment to see if you have hearing loss. Those that suffer from hearing loss find that they often need to increase the volume of their devices to levels that are uncomfortable for others.

If you find that you do need to increase your volume a little too much, then others may complain about it. Your neighbors may get upset that you’re playing music or watching TV with the volume too high, and others may find it frustrating to be near you if there’s loud music playing from your headphones. In addition, your hearing may get progressively worse if you have to raise the volume, exposing your already damaged hearing to even more loud noises.

As you can see, it often takes help from other people to help you realize that your hearing could be degrading. This is why it’s incredibly important to speak with a hearing instrument specialist who can give you an expert opinion of your hearing, analyze it professionally and tell you just how much your hearing has deteriorated (if at all).

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If you’re ready to take control of your hearing health, trust the hearing instrument specialists at Armand’s Hearing Center. We offer two convenient locations and you can contact one of our professionals by calling (941) 748-9800 for our Bradenton office, or (813) 938-1148 for our Sun City clinic. Determining whether or not you have hearing loss is important to various aspects of your life – particularly when it comes to communication. Let one of our hearing instrument specialists help you figure out if you could benefit from hearing aids, and if so, which devices would be the best fit for your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.