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Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Services

People have hearing problems for many reasons. The causes vary for every person and usually include a combination of factors like age, injury and high noise levels. Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, the first step should be a call to Armand’s Hearing Center for an evaluation. Your first appointment will most likely involve a hearing test.

FREE Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Hearing tests are non-invasive and painless. Patients hear a series of sounds and words in different frequencies and volumes. As you repeat the words, our National board-certified hearing aid specialists charts your responses and determines how your hearing loss is affecting your daily hearing life. A hearing evaluation also checks the structures if the ear and neck, checking for ear wax and other possible problems.

If you need a hearing aid, we will develop a plan that best suits your needs in every hearing environment. As in every medical situation, hearing loss is unique to the individual. We have the products and services that will have you hearing better quickly.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Today’s hearing aids are miniature computers designed to help patients hear better through the latest technology. They can mask certain sounds, reduce volume automatically when loud noise occurs suddenly, and use wireless technology like Wi-Fi - Remote Assist - Locate lost hearing aids - Geo-Tag Favorite Locations and Bluetooth capabilities . 

The hearing aid containing the features you ordered will be fitted at this time. You will get complete instructions on the use and care of the device and will be able to take the time to test it. We also adjust the hearing aid as needed.

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FREE Hearing Aid Repairs

Occasionally, hearing aids break. Sometimes tiny wires come loose or break, and sometimes components are damaged for a number of reasons. Our technicians can repair some of these problems in the office. Sometimes the device simply needs cleaning. National board-certified hearing aid specialists not only dispense hearing aids, they can do many repairs while you wait. Sometimes the device needs to be sent to a repair facility and we will tell you exactly what that entails.

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FREE Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

Armand’s certified technicians will help you select the right hearing device for your needs. They will answer your questions and explain the features and benefits of each hearing aid that is appropriate for you. Not every hearing aid will work; some will be too small or too large for some people.

There are many styles of hearing aids. You can try on various shell and in-the-ear devices but remember: each hearing aid is custom fitted to your ear once you have chosen a style. Depending on your needs, custom ear molds might be taken of your ears. This is all part of fitting hearing devices to every individual.

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Armand’s Hearing Center:

  • FREE diagnostic hearing test
  • FREE in-house repairs
  • FREE ear inspection and wax removal
  • FREE lifetime service and office visits

Turn your used hearing aids into $$$ and help someone in our community hear better!