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Does Health Insurance Cover Hearing Aids?

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Once people have had their hearing test and the results show they could benefit from a hearing aid, the next question on their mind is usually, will their health insurance cover the cost? However, the answer to this question will differ depending on a range of factors including location, the insurance plan and often the age of the individual. Fortunately, you can find out how each one of these factors comes into play below, along with some alternative funding options in case your insurance doesn't cover the cost of your hearing aid. 

Insurance Plans 

Basic plans tend to not cover the cost of hearing aids. Yet, those with more advanced plans that have selected optional extras may be able to have their insurance meet the cost. 

Provider, Location and Age 

As a rule, the cost of hearing aids is not always covered by medical insurance. However, whether this is true for you will depend on a few factors, the first of which is your age and location. 

For example, insured people living in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Illinois and Arkansas can expect the cost of their hearing aids to be covered both as adults and children. 

However, for states outside of these five, the same cannot be said. Indeed, none of the other states insist that insurance covers adult hearing aids and only 23 states cover hearing aids for kids. That is why it is vital to investigate your insurance coverage as soon as you find out you will need an aid. 

Also, concerning location and provider, it is worth noting that different providers have different policies on how they administer the coverage they do provide. For example, some may offer a set discount when you use specific aid providers, while others may provide an allowance towards the total cost. Still, others will offer a flat rate, which can be totaled or in some cases be applied to each ear individually. Again, this only highlights why it is so important to get some expert help with this issue. 

Other Ways to Finance Your Hearing Aids 

With so much variance on whether insurance companies will cover the cost of your hearing aid, it is good to know that there are alternative financing options available. The first of these to consider are Medicare and Medicaid. 

Once again, however, the coverage offered by Medicaid depends on your location, as well as your personal circumstances. Unless the hearing aids are for children, then in which case they are covered. 

Medicare, on the other hand, does not often cover the cost of hearing aids. However, if you hold a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may be eligible for some financial assistance. 

The Veterans Association (VA)

Another option for hearing aid funding is the VA. Of course, to be eligible for this you must be a veteran or have a connection with the armed forces. If you are unsure as to whether you could be eligible for financial support from the VA, it's best to contact them directly. 

Vocational Programs and Charities 

It could also be well worth investigating your state’s vocational programs, as if you require a hearing aid to return to work, they may be able to help. Some charities may also be able to offer you free new or reconditioned hearing aids if you meet their eligibility criteria. 

Alternative Hearing Aid Financing

If you cannot source funding from your insurance provider or other third party, then you may wish to consider a loan or credit plan. The good thing about this option is that several loan schemes offer credit for medical purposes only. These schemes tend to offer favorable features such as no annual fees, no upfront costs and fixed interest rates. All of which can make paying back the cost of your hearing aid a lot easier than putting on a traditional credit card. 

Let your Local Hearing Instrument Specialist Point You in the Right Direction

The first place to try is your insurance provider themselves, usually, they will have a free number for such questions. However, if you find that your insurance doesn't cover hearing aids, remember that there are a range of other options available to you from the VA to medical credit. 

There is also lots of other help out there, and no one is better placed to offer support and advice on this issue than your local hearing instrument specialists as they deal with such queries every day. With that in mind, why not contact the experts at Armand's Hearing Center at 941-748-9800 and Sun City: 813-938-1148, today?