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Why You Shouldn't Repair Your Own Hearing Aids

Hearing Specialist with Hearing Aid

If you're having problems with your hearing aids, you need to get them working again as soon as you can. They might be too quiet or not making any noise at all or the sound might be intermittent, distorted or poor quality. Having them repaired should get the problem corrected, but you might be thinking about repairing them yourself. However, repairing your own hearing aids isn't a good idea. You could run into all sorts of problems and ultimately end up making things worse. There are several big reasons not to repair your hearing aids yourself.

You might have missed an easy fix

One reason not to open up your hearing aids and start poking around inside is that the answer to your problem could be simpler than you think. If you go straight to trying to repair your hearing aid, you might have missed the cause of the problem that could be simple to fix. For example, maybe you have forgotten to check if your hearing aid needs a new battery. Have you accidentally turned the volume down or even forgotten to turn it on? These things can easily slip your mind because you usually do them on autopilot.

You could cause more damage

If you open up a hearing aid and start trying to do things to it, you could end up causing more damage instead of repairing it. Unless you have a wealth of knowledge about repairing hearing aids, you could easily make a mistake. Even if you find instructions for how to make repairs, you could slip up and damage your hearing aid more. And there might not even be any need to open it up and start playing around inside.

You could be wasting your time

Spending time trying to fix your hearing aid yourself could turn out to be a big waste of time. Sometimes, your hearing aid might be beyond repair, so there's no point trying to fix it. Even though you might not want to pay for a new device, it is sometimes necessary. However, if your device can be repaired, you could still be wasting your time trying to fix it yourself. You could spend ages attempting to repair it and still end up in exactly the same position you were in before you started because you were wrong about what the problem is or were unable to fix it.

It might not be your hearing aids

If you think there might be a problem with your hearing aids, it might not be them that's the problem. The issue could actually be with your hearing, meaning that you need a hearing test and not repairs for your hearing aids. If you try to fix your hearing aids, it could make no difference, even if you're successful. Seeing a hearing health professional will help you determine what the real problem is.

If you think your hearing aids need to be repaired, visit your hearing care provider to determine the problem and fix it.