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4 Benefits of Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aid

Nowadays, you will find a range of different hearing aid styles to choose from. One of the most popular varieties is known as a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. Hearing professionals often recommend these for the multiple benefits they have, including:

Contain multiple features

One of the biggest benefits of behind-the-ear hearing aids is that they contain multiple features that many other hearing aids can’t boast. This is largely due to the size of this device and how it’s made. Because it fits behind the ear, it means the hearing aid can be made bigger than some other variations out there. Consequently, there’s more space in the device for additional features like directional microphones, multi settings and more.

Better battery life

Many hearing healthcare professionals will tell you that BTE devices have the best battery life out of all hearing aids. Again, this is thanks to how big they are. Being slightly larger than other variations means there’s room for bigger batteries. Bigger batteries mean the device will usually last longer before the batteries need to be changed. The other benefit of this is that you can see better amplification because the batteries are bigger and more powerful than those in other hearing aids.

Easy to clean and maintain

These hearing aids are designed to be much easier for people to wear and maintain. They’re not incredibly small, which means you won’t have any trouble opening the battery case or cleaning all the nooks and crannies. Many other hearing aids are possibly more discreet because they’re smaller, but this makes them a pain to look after. With a behind-the-ear model, you will easily be able to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Extremely comfortable

These hearing aids have come a long way since they first burst onto the scene. While they’re known for being bigger than other designs, this doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around with a massive device in your ear. They’re still nice and compact, and the design makes them extremely comfortable. They sit behind the ear, and they aren’t fully inserted into your ear canal like some other versions are. This makes it feel like you’re wearing a Bluetooth headset or something similar, rather than a hearing aid. As such, it’s very easy to adjust to them, because they’re nowhere near as intrusive as other hearing aid types.

Choosing your hearing aid is a very important decision. Work with your hearing specialist to find the right solutions for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs.