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The Best Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Display

When you purchase your hearing aids, there are a number of care and maintenance instructions you will need to learn, including how to change or charge the batteries. You will need to know what type of hearing aid battery your device requires, as well as how long the charge will last or how frequently it will need to be replaced.

The best hearing aid battery can depend on a few different factors, such as the type of device you select and how much power it uses, as well as how you store and care for your batteries. Consider the following aspects you should consider when determining the best hearing aid battery for your device.

Types of hearing aid

In general, the larger your hearing aid, the larger the battery will be. This is because larger hearing aids (such as behind-the-ear varieties) have more space for larger batteries. This means they will generally last longer unless you’re using multiple features at the same time which could drain the battery. On the other hand, smaller hearing aids such as invisible-in-canal ones are going to last a much shorter amount of time and will generally need changing or recharging more often.

When picking out your hearing aid with your hearing instrument specialist, it’s a good idea to let them know about your personal needs for a hearing aid, such as being able to use it for an entire day or longer without charging or having good battery life so that you don’t need to change the battery so often.

Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries are generally known as “zinc-air” batteries. This means that they’re activated when the zinc inside of the battery reacts with the air around it, meaning they can be stored for long periods of time without their charge decreasing. Each battery has a tab which needs to be pulled in order to remove the seal, causing the air around it to react with the zinc. As long as you do not remove this seal, you can preserve the batteries for as long as you need. Even if you put the seal back, it will not preserve it.

Additionally, make sure to keep your hearing aid batteries in the proper environment, which is cool, dry storage. You also want to check the expiration date on the package to make sure the batteries aren’t out of date and will be able to fully power your hearing aid.

Hearing aid battery sizes

The good thing is that all hearing aid manufacturers have agreed to use one of four standard sizes in their devices. These are as follows:

  • Size 10 Batteries (Yellow Tab)
  • Size 13 Batteries (Orange Tab)
  • Size 312 Batteries (Brown Tab)
  • Size 675 Batteries (Blue Tab)

In most cases, you’re going to be using one of these four battery sizes in your hearing aids. If you’re unsure which, then you should consult the manual that you’ve been given for your hearing aids or ask your hearing instrument specialist for advice.

Choosing a battery for your needs

Now that you’ve figured out the size of the battery that you need, it’s time to try out various different brands. Some companies will offer trial packs of batteries from different brands so you can try them all out and see which one you prefer. The things to keep in mind are the cost of the battery and also the longevity of it. In many cases, you save a lot of money buying in bulk so make sure you try out different batteries before buying them in large sets.

Typically, batteries from big brand names like Rayovac, Panasonic and Duracell, hold much more power and will generally last a lot longer. These are well-known battery manufacturers and they create batteries specifically for hearing aids. You don’t want to buy from any off brands or third parties that you’ve never heard of because the batteries they offer could leak or damage your hearing aids. Although the chance is low, you’ll want to rely on brands that you have heard of, or brands that your hearing instrument specialist recommends you.

If you want to learn more about hearing aid batteries, don’t hesitate to contact Armand’s Hearing Center at (941) 748-9800 for our Bradenton office or (813) 938-1148 for our Sun City location. Our hearing instrument specialists will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand so that you can better understand the hearing aid batteries available for you and which ones are best for your situation. Whether you just want to learn about hearing aid batteries or would like to speak to an expert about recommended brands, we’re ready to assist you.